John McBeth joins us but so does Matai's ex-wife! Needless to say it's not very comfortable.

Other Episodes:
Phil Leishman

Mark Leishman joins the boys for in depth analysis at the beginning of the Rugby World Cup! But no one knew the soundie was going to catch on fire!!

Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury joins the team for the worlds worst live cross in TV history!

Paul Henry

We've got legendary Broadcaster Paul Henry in the studio! Plus the world famous venetian blind incident that got Leigh banned from all world cup press conferences! Plus Matai takes us on a fitness journey!

Kevin Milne

Kevin Milne try's to have a fair go at the Rugby analysis, but ends up punching Matai instead!

John Key

Prime Minister John Key joins us in the studio to talk about Bio mag G strings.... and the Rugby World Cup.

Paul Holmes

The late great Paul Holmes hosts a TV special on the history making broadcasters Leigh Hart, Jason Hoyte and Matai Johnson.