Moon Road trip 1

Behind the Scenes

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The boys strike technical difficulties on the Wellington 7's town parade!

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Behind the scenes making a Ssangyong TV ad

Take a look at what it takes to bring a top notch Ssangyong car ad to your screens!

I'm Juiced Bob

Even top notch TV producers like Leigh Hart have their off days...

Behind the scenes of a Hellers TV ad

We pull the curtain back on what it's really like on the set of a Hellers ad, sure as Hellers!!

Stealing the Broadcast at the Taupo Grand Prix

The Moon TV team go to great lengths to get their own Broadcast feed at the Taupo Grand Prix!

BTS - Ferry crossing

The Moon road trip goes further south over the Cook Straight ferry!

Sex scene script meeting

As a producer, Leigh must read over all scripts for sex scenes... and then put himself in them.

BTS - Get back on the piss

The boys are in Queenstown and the wheels are starting to fall off!

BTS - The Moon Girls

The Moon girls join the Moon TV road trip at the Taupo Grand Prix!

Broadcasting from a Festival

See the nuts and bolts of what it takes to broadcast live from the Blenheim Food and Wine festival.

Need more episodes

There's a lot of pressure on the people that make this top notch TV show called Moon TV!