Olympicho 4


We hit the streets of LA to cover the Beijing Olympics, plus baseball games and Leigh gets his head smashed in at an Asian restaurant!

Other Episodes:
Olympico song

Here it is in all it's glory! Matt Mullholland takes us on a musical journey with the highlights of the London Olympics!

Olympico Ep1

The Olympico team head to London and get to grips with their new TV surroundings. They've got to establish a clear signal back to NZ, shoot some stories, interview top athletes including Danyon Loader and Jeremy ends up in bed with this weeks Good Sort of the week!

Olympico Ep2

Jas hits the running track to try and fix his running style. But the experts like Warren Green (olympic record holder) reckon his arms are moving faster than his legs!!!! Plus the world famous treadmill scene!

Olympico Ep3

In the final episode of the London Olympico Leigh catches up with Kiwi gold medalists for a few beersies, what could go wrong?! Plus we say goodbye to London with the new Olympico theme song!!!!

Olympico Promo1

He's been to many Olympiads before, but not like this!!!!

Olympico promo2

Is Leigh Hart the right man for this Olympics?!

Olympico promo3

Is that the correct gymnastics powder?

Olympicho build up

We go to Disneyland to cover the Beijing Olympics... it makes sense to get away from all the olympic action!

Olympicho 2

Well it makes sense to go to the Orange County fair in southern California when you're covering the Beijing Olympics!

Olympicho 3

With the pressure building for Leigh to feedback some quality Beijing Olympic footage, he hits the hotel bar!

1st Olympico

This is the first time we did Olympico. Ric sent us to Athens for the Oympics but we got bored and bailed around Europe instead!

2nd Olympico

It's off to Rome because we got bored of Athens! We head to the Coliseum to talk to the experts about cheese!

3rd Olympico

Leigh heads to the most romantic city in the world... with his cameraman, Venice!

Last Live link

Leigh makes TV history bu crossing continents via a live TV cross!!!!!