Screaming Reels Trailer

Screaming Reels - Series 1

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Extreme fishermen, Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, have put their heads together to create NZ's most high octane fishing show! Unfortunately they don't catch much which then gives them the title of the worlds most sustainable fishing show!

Other Episodes:
Screaming Reels - Episode 1

We kick off the series with Leigh and Jas targeting the big Kingies at 'Andy's Hole'!!!!

Screaming Reels - Episode 2

Ep 2 of Screaming Reels! The most high octane fishing show that polarised viewers from around the globe! Enjoy.

Screaming Reels - Episode 3

Woooaaaahhh slow down fellas! Have you ever tried to catch fish with a bass guitar? Well Leigh does in episode 3 of Screaming Reels, and the boys enter the Big Marlin competition up north!

Screaming Reels - Episode 4

Not satisfied with their poor results in the Big Marlin Comp, the boys are up north again targeting those big Kingies and Marlins!!! They also have a run in with Terry's Drone! Tag a mate who wants to see NZ's most high octane fishing show!

Screaming Reels - Episode 5

We've got fishing expert Matt Watson joining the show this week as the boys go out to a secret spot to target the big kingies!! 3 fishing experts, 1 boat. What could go wrong?! Tag a mate and tune in to see the biggest tackle rig ever made in NZ fishing history!

Screaming Reels - Episode 6

Here it is people, the final of NZ's most high octane fishing show, SCREAMING REELS!!!! In this episode the boys are in Fiji, to see if the big Kingies have migrated over there?! Grab a Wakachangi and enjoy!