Speed Cooking 6

Speed Cooking

In the fastest cooking show in the world Leigh takes on some help from Moon TV regular Matai Johnson. They cook pop corn on the BBQ, flame grilled chicken on a power drill and crack some eggs with tennis racquets!!

Other Episodes:
Speed Cooking

The worlds fastest and most crazy cooking show ever invented, Speed Cooking!! Can you cook a 3 course meal for 50 dinner guests in under 2min? Leigh Hart will certainly give it a go. This is the first ever Speed Cooking.

Speed Cooking 2

In Speed Cooking 2 Leigh takes it up a notch with some incredible technique! Can he cook a 5 course meal in under 2 mins?

Speed Cooking 3

Leigh tries to cook a 3 course meal for Netball star Linda Vagana in under 2 min! But this time he's doing it in a straight jacket!

Speed Cooking 4

What do you do to take Speed Cooking to another level? Do it in celebrity chef Jo Seagers kitchen, that's what you do!!! Oh, and add a chainsaw!

Speed Cooking 5

In Speed Cooking 5 we take it up another notch and do it with a live Jazz band!! Whaaaaat that's crazy! Plus we make our own wine in the sink.

Speed Cooking 7

The most obvious thing to do next would be to do Speed Cooking in a Maui Campervan while driving through Arthurs Pass! Well that's what we do but the results aren't always that good?!!

Speed Cooking 8

Speed Cooking 8 is all about the tools! Leigh makes his own mixer out of a power drill, flame grills a chicken with fly spray and chucks everything in the microwave and throws it all about!

Speed Cooking 9

Woah slow down fellas! This is probably the most full on Speed Cooking ever! There's chaninsaws, fire extinguishers, electric guitars, microwaves and fire!!!!!