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The Keg

The Great Kiwi Beer Delivery!

Wakachangi Dog

Can Leigh's dog talk? He try's to explain it to the female race but they just don't understand!

Wakachangi Active Man's Beer

When you need to quench your thirst after a hard days snorkeling, grab a Wakachangi!

Raing Wakachangi

It's warm and it's hot, it's raining Wakachangi

Attack of the Changi Drone

Using Drone technology Leigh send his mate a beer during the NZ Lockdown. But it doesn't always go to plan.

Chatting up girls with Wakachangi

It always pays to have a couple of Changi's before you try this move!

Wakachangi New Labels

They said it couldn't be done, but we put a new sticker on our bottles!!!!

SnackChangi launch

They said it couldn't be done, but we put the Vinegar in first!!! SNACKACHANGI

Wakachangi in CANS!

They said it couldn't be done, but we've managed to put Wakachangi in Cans!

Changi News Headlines

Leigh catches you up with the latest news about Wakachangi.

The Big O.E.

A Kiwi goes on his big O.E. but returns after just 2 weeks in New York! Is it because they don't have Wakachangi?

Minibar tips

Leigh Hart knows how to get the most out of your mini bar!!

Golf Etiquette

There's always rules on the golf course, and if anyone's going to break them it's Leigh!

Just drink it!

It's Quite Nice Beer, so just drink it!

Snackachangi Big Breakfast

Snackachangi Chips are chunky, crunchy, crispy,brass kettle fried, corrugated chips!

The Snackachangi American Diner Range

Introducing the Snackachagi American Diner Range.