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Wakachangi GO is the App that finds your nearest Wakachangi goodness. It's been whacked up to 1000! Now in over 1100 outlets across NZ & Aus

We have done it using technology from another solar system. 

Send it to your best friends and your better half. It’ll work on their tablets and phones.

Find closest Changi

This is what the WakachangiGO App is all about. Show me the closest Wakachangi outlet.

View map of outlets

Wakachangi is everywhere, our state of the art beer map say's so.

Shop for Murch

Stay sharp with the latest Wakachangi fashion range. Tell em we sent ya!

Wakachangi App

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Self explanatory this one...

Wakachangi Music

Listen to the Theme song

Get Notifications

Get realtime updates from Leigh and the Wakachangi crew

Gidday Maaaate!

Hit "Gidday Mate!" to hear "Gidday Maaate!"

Wakachangi Outlets

Closest outlet feature...

Even an idiot can use this. The closest Wakachangi outlet to your current position is at the top of the list...

New Outlets - Over 1100 stores!!!

If you are a power user of Wakachangi GO, you can now pull down on the Outlets List to load up new outlets... easy

How many outlets are there...?

Wakachangi is now available in well over 600 outlets across New Zealand and Aussie

What else does it do?

Good question. It does some other handy stuff...

Get Directions

Wakachangi GO can help you navigate or even UBER to your selected stockist, "Great idea!" I hear you say.

Call your local

Want to check if the Ol' Misty is in stock? You can call your local with the click of a button.

Wakachangi Stores

Built in a shed

That means it’s awesome. You can say what you want, but Runanga is the the home of New Zealand's oldest beer.