Bhuja TV Ep6

Bhuja TV

Tune in to the sultry sounds of Leigh Hart's guitar picking genius on ep 6 of Bhuja TV!!!

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Bhuja TV promo

For all the news, music, hard chat and fish chat, you need Bhuja TV!!!

Bhuja TV Ep1

Tune in for the historical first episode of Bhuja TV with Leigh and Jas!!!!

Bhuja TV ep2

Bhuja TV ep 2 has the big stadium fillers, Shapeshifter!!! But Jason Hoyte is out of his depth in this interview.

Bhuja TV Ep3

Ray Meagher the star of Home and Away is on Bhuja TV tonight!!!! Fish chat and much, much more!!!

Bhuja TV Ep4

Leigh and Jas take the show to the people and do a live radio show from a student flat!!!! Plus Leigh confronts Jason would he rather be deserted on an island with Bear Grylls or Scarlet Johansen? We were surprised at his choice?!!

Bhuja TV Ep5

Can Leigh and Jas do a live radio show while the cleaner is vacuuming the studio? You bet ya!!