Head to Head ep7

Bhuja TV

Leigh and Jas give their expert opinion about brest feeding in public.

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Bhuja Promo

Witness the amazing TV ad made for Bhuja TV!!

Bhuja TV promo

For all the news, music, hard chat and fish chat, you need Bhuja TV!!!

Bhuja TV Ep1

Tune in for the historical first episode of Bhuja TV with Leigh and Jas!!!!

Bhuja TV ep2

Bhuja TV ep 2 has the big stadium fillers, Shapeshifter!!! But Jason Hoyte is out of his depth in this interview.

Bhuja TV Ep3

Ray Meagher the star of Home and Away is on Bhuja TV tonight!!!! Fish chat and much, much more!!!

Bhuja TV Ep4

Leigh and Jas take the show to the people and do a live radio show from a student flat!!!! Plus Leigh confronts Jason would he rather be deserted on an island with Bear Grylls or Scarlet Johansen? We were surprised at his choice?!!

Bhuja TV Ep5

Can Leigh and Jas do a live radio show while the cleaner is vacuuming the studio? You bet ya!!

Bhuja TV Ep6

Tune in to the sultry sounds of Leigh Hart's guitar picking genius on ep 6 of Bhuja TV!!!

Bhuja TV Ep7

Neil Finn joins us in the Bhuja studio and brings in some show and tell items! Plus the boys join him on a song together!

Bhuja TV Ep8

Legendary documentary maker Ross Kemp is in the studio to talk TV, plus much much more that I can't be bothered writing.....

Bhuja TV Ep9

Ummmmmmm I can't be assed writing what's in this ep, just watch it!

Bhuja TV Ep10

Leigh and Jason talk love tips, tyre pressures and other scenarios!

Bhuja TV Ep11

Marlon Williams is in to help us wrap up the season with some beautiful music! Of course the Bhuja boys will have to help!

Head to Head Ep1

Head to Head began before Radio Bhuja even started! But this was what launched a whole career of talking shit between Leigh and Jas.

Head to Head ep2

Leigh and Jas discuss should young people have the right to vote and warn them about sex life in marriage!

Head to Head ep3

Head to Head tackle the big issues of small business.

Head to Head ep4

Asset sales, grand pianos and vomit.

Head to Head ep5

In todays finance report, Leigh and Jas discuss the annual Poor list.

Head to Head ep6

Coalitions, Smuggling Lego and Prison sex are the topics of discussion tonight on HEAD TO HEAD!

Head to Head ep8

Today on Head to Head, Asset sales and Marmite.

Head to Head ep9

The Auckland Monorail... should it go ahead? Or has it even been proposed?

Head to Head Ep10

Leigh and Jas discuss the Female orgasm, does it exist? And much, much more....

Head 2 Head ep 11

It's the annual Head to Head Awards show!!