Colin's in the news


Colin the Hamsterman gets a visit from a magazine reporter. But it's not quite the story he thought he'd be reporting for the Rodent Monthly magazine!!

Other Episodes:
Hamsterman Music Video

The greatest song ever written gets the greatest music video to go with it!

Hamsterman Forklift

Colin the Hamsterman is busy moving stock around out back with his forklift... but this won't end well for his pet parrot Zena!

Hamsterman Cat

Some say this could be the most racially insensitive joke that Hamsty has ever tried to make?! You be the judge.

Hamsty SPCA

Colin gets a visit from the SPCA, and she doesn't like what she see's! Maybe it's because he was passed out in the display window from having too many bevy's!

Hamsty TAXI

With his pet store business struggling, Colin needs to take an extra job as a Taxi driver!

Colin opens a new store

Colin is back from a failed attempt to franchise his business in the USA, so he opens a new store in West Auckland. This may or may not go very well...

Famous radio DJ

Colin gets a visit from a famous radio DJ, Jason Hoyte. But he's only interested in Hamster maintenance.

Worm pills are party drugs!

Colin is well aware that there's an underground use of Worm pills as party drugs, but this may be his only sale today?

Hamsty's Tinder date

Colin try's out Tinder, because the only sex he's seen lately is mating season with the Hamsters.