Hamsterman Forklift


Colin the Hamsterman is busy moving stock around out back with his forklift... but this won't end well for his pet parrot Zena!

Other Episodes:
Hamsterman: Introducing Colin

Introducing Colin, the Hamsterman from Amsterdam!

Hamsterman: Dog People vs Cat People

Colin discusses the difference between dog people and cat people.

Hamsterman: The Dog Track

Colin takes his pooch Winky Boy to the dog track for a big race.

Hamsterman: Fish Don't Go In Cages

Colin the Hamsterman gives a tour of his fish tanks.

Hamsterman: The Racially Insensitive Joke

Colin the Hamsterman makes a racially insensitive joke.

Hamsterman: Colin loses Another Sale

Colin the Hamstreman loses anothter sale.

Hamsterman: Colin Gets Audited

Colin the Hamsterman gets audited.

Hamsterman: Cages

Colin the Hamsterman shares his knowledge on cages.

Hamsterman: Rat Feeding

Colin the Hamsterman introduces a new interactive inititive in the pet shop.

Hamsterman: Dead Fish

Colin the Hamsterman expains what happens to fish when they die.

Hamsterman: Squeaky Toys

Colin the Hamsterman attempts to sell a squeaky toy dildo.

Hamsterman: Labrador Care

Colin the Hamsterman deals with a customer inquiring about Labrador care.

Hamsterman: Shoplifters

Colin the Hamsterman cracks down on some dodgy shoplifters!

Hamsterman: Dog Food

Colin the Hamsterman makes a grave mistake while discussing dog food with a customer!

Hamsterman: The SPCA Check Up

Colin the Hamsterman undergoes his annual SPCA check up!

Hamsterman: The Drunk Taxi

Colin expands his business by launching the new Hamsterman taxi service!

Hamsterman: Cat Day

Colin the Hamsterman tackles some tough decisions on the pet shop Cat Day.

Hamsterman: Squeeky Toy Display

Colin the Hamsterman sets up a new squeeky toy window display and has another visit from the SPCA.

Hamsterman: Xena the Parakeet

Colin the Hamsterman introduces us to Xena the Parakeet but gets distracted when a rival pet store opens accross the road.

Hamsterman Music Video

The greatest song ever written gets the greatest music video to go with it!

Colin opens a new store

Colin is back from a failed attempt to franchise his business in the USA, so he opens a new store in West Auckland. This may or may not go very well...

Famous radio DJ

Colin gets a visit from a famous radio DJ, Jason Hoyte. But he's only interested in Hamster maintenance.

Colin's in the news

Colin the Hamsterman gets a visit from a magazine reporter. But it's not quite the story he thought he'd be reporting for the Rodent Monthly magazine!!

Worm pills are party drugs!

Colin is well aware that there's an underground use of Worm pills as party drugs, but this may be his only sale today?

Hamsty's Tinder date

Colin try's out Tinder, because the only sex he's seen lately is mating season with the Hamsters.