Cook the man some eggs!

Bite Sized Clips

The famous Nadia Lim scene from Late Night Big Breakfast!

Other Episodes:
Moon TV Trailer

Get a taste of all the action from the Moon TV series!!!

Landing The Big Job

Get the top tips on how to land your next big job interview!

Deep Probe - Mars Mission

In this episode of Deep Probe we go on a mission to Mars, with disastrous results!

Bookzone Poetry

Ahhhh Leigh Hart's poetry is music to my ears.... but not Joe Bennett's!

Music Nation

A tribute show to NZ Music that unfortunately didn't get much past the title sequence....

Hyundai Doco in Korea

Leigh Hart aka 'That Guy' takes a trip to Korea with the Hyundai team from NZ. Needless to say the Kiwis are like 'fish out of water' in a place like Seoul, but Leigh is there to save the day!

VHS Repair

This is the Video description for VHS repair.

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Cryogenic Cats

In this episode of Deep Probe we investigate how to feeze your cat!

Arthouse - The Violinist

Bruno St Johnsonjinson is a classically trained Violinist who plays in the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately for his colleagues, he's shit.........

Bookzone Pie

Joe Bennett finally gets to read some of his favourite poetry... but Leigh can't wait that long for lunch!

Naan Doctors

The Doctors have moved the clinic from the Ice Skating rink to an Indian Restaurant.... no need to say anything else!

The Blind Waiter

Meet our waiter Tony Burke, who is Blind. What could go wrong...?

DIY Gary Swede TV ad

DIY guy Gary Swede gets his own TV commercial, but it doesn't go as planned!

Car ad with Colin Meads

Leigh gets his first car ad and it's with the legendary Colin Meads! But the director's not happy...

Hamsterman: The Rat Check

Colin the Hamsterman has another visit from the SPCA!

One man band

Leigh got bored one day....

Parking the Car

Who said parking the car was easy, not Matai!

Art House: Ballet

Bruno Sinjinstjohn has a falling out with the New Zealand Ballet.

Bookzone: Battling the Yeti and Alcoholism

Leigh Hart and acclaimed writer, Joe Bennett, discuss Leigh's first book "Battling the Yeti and Alcoholism".

Non Celebrity Traffic Island

New Zealand Non Celebrities are desserted on Traffic Island. Who will be voted off next!?

Deep Probe: The Wakatipu Yeti

Award winning documentary film make Gary Glockenspiel goes on the hunt for the legendary Wakatipu Yeti.

Bookzone: Steam Trains

In this episode of Bookzone join Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett as they take you through the Bookzone "Must Reads".

Deep Probe: The Titanic

In this special episode of Deep Probe we uncover the secrets of the Titanic.

Bookzone: Deep Fried Lust

Leigh recites a gripping romantic tale to Joe Bennett.

Deep Probe: The Waitakere Yeti

In this special episode of Deep Probe we investigate the Waitakere Yeti.

Bookzone: Circumcising the Globe

In this episode of Bookzone Leigh Hart attempts to circumcise the globe.

The Cheetah Hunt

Leigh and Matai go on the hunt for the worlds fastest animal, the majestic Cheetah.

Sea Doctors

The clinic is forced to move to Kelly Tarltons and drama ensues.

Tongue Man

No food is safe as long as Tongue man is around!

Antique Road Fair

Tonight on Antique Road fair our host and shoe expert is off to a sports bar.


A kiwi D.I.Y reality show goes horribly wrong.

Moon TV Promo

The Moon TV team has no limits to getting the footage they need.

The Steamed Pilot

A steamed pilot comes clean to his passangers.

Draggon Den: The Magic Box

A pitch to the dragons goes horribly wrong but not in the way you'd think...

Bookzone: How to Write Good

Learn how to "write good" in this quick and easy guide with Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett.

Deep Probe: Aliens

In this episode of Deep Probe we investigate the extra terrestial activity in New Zealand.

The Hunt for Te Kaka

Join us on New Zealands most ground breaking sea expidition, The Hunt For Te Kaka.

Bookzone: Steam Trains 2

Forget everything you know about Steam Trains and learn it all again in this episode of Bookzone.

Sea Doctors: We've Got Crabs

The Sea Doctors have crabs in the aquarium and Waverwee faces heartbreak.

Bookzone: Books, Books, Books!

Today in the new feature "Books, Books, Books" Leigh and Joe discuss a motivational book for motivational speakers who have lost their motivation to speak.

The Hunt For Bigfoot

The Hunt for Bigfoot takes Leigh Hart to Humboldt County, USA.

The Baby Whisperer

Having problems with your baby? Call the baby whisperer, there's no baby that can't be saved.

The Mini Bar

A short to drinking for free in hotels.

Zyrylifax with Jason Hoyte

Zyrylifax with Jason Hoyte, speak to your trusted health professional before watching.

The Dinner Party

A dinner party goes wrong.

Machu Piccu

Join Leigh Hart on a journey through the ever fascinating Machu Piccu.


Meanwhile in a cafe in Auckland...


Come on a journey through Croatia with documentarian Leigh Hart.

San Francisco

Join Leigh Hart on a journey through the ever vibrant San Francisco.

Hong Kong

Take a journey through Hong Kong with documentarian Leigh Hart.


Take a journey through Australian Outback with documentarian Leigh Hart

Wrecking an SUV

Leigh sets out to wreck an SUV like no one has ever done before him.

Wine Country

Wine Country, a show about wine.

The Interweb

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss the marvels of the interweb.

Dragons Den: The Magic Box

A Dragons Den pitch goes horribly wrong when a man's testicles are revealed.

Dr 90290: The Breast Enlargement

Dr 90290 takes on a new clent for a potential breast enlargement.

Bookzone: Bookshelves

Leigh Hart shows Joe Bennett how to build a bookshelf.

Dragons Den: The Panic Barf

A Dragons Den pitch goes horrible wrong when the pitcher panic barfs on the Dragons.

Dr 90290: Pumping Fat Into the Penis

Dr 90290 discusses a contreversial operation with a new client.

Bookzone: Bookshelves Part Two

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss bookshelves...again.

Dragons Den: The VCR Toastie

The Dragons a re introduced to the revolutionary VCR Toastie.

Bookzone: Reading Lamps

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss reading lamps.

Dr 90290: The Arse Face Lift

Dr 90290 consults on an Arse Face Lift.

Bookzone: Woman Writers

Leigh Hart ask a female writer what it's like to be a female writer who writes and is a female.

Ice Doctors

Dr. Bojangles is forced to move the clinic to the ice rink and the crew are visited by the elusive Ritt Parker.

The Baby Whisperer: Alpha Males

The Baby Whisperer takes down an alpha male.

Ice Doctors: Ritt's Revenge

Ritt Parker tries to take over the ice rink.

Book Zone: Miniature Horses

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss miniature horses!

Naan Doctors: Dr. Bojangles Returns

The clinic has moved, again, just in time for the dramatic return of Dr. Bojangles!

Consumer Watch: Part One

Consumer Watch investigates local handyman Gary Swede.

Naan Doctors: Dr. Fabio

Dr. Bojangles and Dr. Fabio but heads in the Naan Doctors clinic!

Consumer Watch: part Two

Consumer Watch continues their investigation in local handyman Gary Swede!

Bookzone: Camera Chat

Leigh Hart takes on some camera admin in Bookzone!

Naan Doctors: Ritt's Revenge

Ritt Parker plot to murder his brother and take over the Naan Doctors clinic!

Sniffing Murder

Sniffing murder follows two psychics, Paul Webber and Yvonne Williams as they attempt to solve the unsolvable.

Naan Doctors: The Monkey Virus

The Monkey Virus from season one has hit the clinic again!

Bookzone: Overdue Books

Leigh Hart and Joe bennet discuss libraries and what to do when you're books 5 years overdue.

Foul Planet

Leigh Hart and AJ take you some of the world's biggest party hot spots!

Naan Doctors: Waverwee Scrubs Up

Ritt's making changes tot the staff and Waverwee scrubs up for a big operation.

Consumer Watch: Part Three

Consumer Watch takes you behind the scenes of unconventional handyman, Gary Swede.

Bookzone: Dealing With Bad Reviews

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennet discuss what to do if you get a bad review.

Naan Doctors: Dr. Chaves Gets Monkey Virus

Dr. Chaves falls violently ill with the Monkey Virus.

Naan Doctors: Dr. Chaves' New Voice

Doctor Chaves finds his new voice after a close call with the Monkey Virus.

Consumer Watch: Part Five

Consumer Watch takes you behind the scenes with unconventional handyman, Gary Swede.

Bookzone: The Self Authorised Autobiography

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss the art of writing a self authorised autobiography.

Naan Doctors: Dr. Chaves Takeaways

Dr. Chaves feels the burden of being stuck on takeaways.

Investagative Drinking in Otago

Leigh Hart and AJ tackle some investagative Drinking in Otago!

Bookzone: The Dog Attack

Leigh Hart and Joe Bennett discuss child sponsorship and Leigh gets attacked by a dog.

Naan Doctors: The Ticking Time Bomb

The Naan Doctor's Clinic comes under fire in this explosive episode!