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Leigh got bored one day....

Other Episodes:
Moon TV Trailer

Get a taste of all the action from the Moon TV series!!!

Landing The Big Job

Get the top tips on how to land your next big job interview!

Deep Probe - Mars Mission

In this episode of Deep Probe we go on a mission to Mars, with disastrous results!

The Blinds Incident

The famous Blinds incident that resulted in a 25 year ban foe Leigh Hart from Rugby press conferences!

Bookzone Poetry

Ahhhh Leigh Hart's poetry is music to my ears.... but not Joe Bennett's!

Hyundai Doco in Korea

Leigh Hart aka 'That Guy' takes a trip to Korea with the Hyundai team from NZ. Needless to say the Kiwis are like 'fish out of water' in a place like Seoul, but Leigh is there to save the day!

Music Nation

A tribute show to NZ Music that unfortunately didn't get much past the title sequence....

Cook the man some eggs!

The famous Nadia Lim scene from Late Night Big Breakfast!

VHS Repair

This is the Video description for VHS repair.

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Coast to Coast

Leigh and Matai are back for a second year of the gruelling Coast to Coast race! But being multi sport athletes is not an easy task!!

Cryogenic Cats

In this episode of Deep Probe we investigate how to feeze your cat!

Arthouse - The Violinist

Bruno St Johnsonjinson is a classically trained Violinist who plays in the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately for his colleagues, he's shit.........

Olympico Jas running

Jas hits the track to see if he's got what it takes to beat Usain Bolt? Plus that famous treadmill scene!

Bookzone Pie

Joe Bennett finally gets to read some of his favourite poetry... but Leigh can't wait that long for lunch!

Naan Doctors

The Doctors have moved the clinic from the Ice Skating rink to an Indian Restaurant.... no need to say anything else!

The Blind Waiter

Meet our waiter Tony Burke, who is Blind. What could go wrong...?

DIY Gary Swede TV ad

DIY guy Gary Swede gets his own TV commercial, but it doesn't go as planned!

Car ad with Colin Meads

Leigh gets his first car ad and it's with the legendary Colin Meads! But the director's not happy...