Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 3

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The YELLOW episode.

Bruno St Johnsinjin joins the Auckland Symphony Orchestra and the Speedo Cops are training new recruits in the Speedo Cop Academy!!!

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Moon TV Full series Promo

This is the home of all the full episodes of Moon TV. Grab a Wakachangi, some SnackaChangi chips and enjoy!!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Episode 1

Let's start at the beginning.... this Moon TV ep has the very first Speed Cooking, the first Bookzone and the first time the Speedo Cops put on their Speedo's!!!!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Ep 2

Learn how to land the big job, cryogenically freeze your cat and patrol the streets in Speedos. Oh and it's the launch of the worlds worst comedians career, Chico!!!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Ep 3

Speed Cooking makes a triumphant 2nd return and Bruno St Johnsinjin is trying out the NZ ballet, mainly because he got some of those free socks off an airplane flight that look like ballet shoes....

Moon TV - Series 1 - Episode 4

We go on the hunt for the Wakitipu Yeti, the Speedo Cops are on the hunt for a Graffiti Artist, Leigh meets the All Blacks and James Reid in the spa pool, and it's the 3rd Speed Cooking!!!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Ep 5

It's Booktime... ah Bookzone with Joe Bennet, the Speedo Cops make a major drug bust and we focus on an expedition to raise the Titanic!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Ep 6

In a Moon Television Special, a top notch discovery team are on the hunt for the Waitakeri Yeti. Plus much, much more!

Moon TV - Series 1 - Ep 7

Go on safari with the Moon Explorer channel, chase a strange man carrying poos in the park with the Speedo Cops and lets go Speed Cooking with Jo Seager!

Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 1

The RED episode.

The Speedo Cops use the 'Drug Dog', we go on safari in the Savanna, it's the first episode of Sea Doctors and Speed Cooking with a Jazz Band!!!

Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 2

The BLUE episode.

It's everyone's favourite reality TV DIY show, Homework! Plus the Speedo Cops have a big DVD pirate bust and much much more!!

Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 4

The WHITE episode.

Deep Probe investigates an Alien abduction with some very serious probing, and the Speedo Cops are back at the academy!

Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 5

The BLACK episode.

A Moon TV special, The Hunt for Te Kaka. The crew are looking for a mythical beast in NZ waters, what follows has serious consequences...

Moon TV - Series 2 - Episode 6

The STATIC episode.

It's the return of CHICO the worlds worst comedian, there's a new sexy recruit at Speedo Cops plus much much more!!!!

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 1

The Baby Whisperer is called in to deal with a problem child, the Speedo Cops get a kebab and Leigh flys to America to travel in the footsteps of his Uncle Kenny.

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 2

Leigh travels to Peru in the footsteps of his Uncle Kenny only to get bitten by a snake at Machu Pichu! The Speedo Cops are on patrol in the Supermarket car park and Close Eye focuses on a Blind Waiter!

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 3

In the footsteps of Uncle Kenny takes Leigh to San Francisco, we've got mini-bar tips, the Speedo Cops are in combat training and is it ok to breast feed in public?11

Moon Tv - Series 3 - Ep 4

Leigh falls down some stairs in Debrovnik, Croatia and the Speedo Cops are testing drugs on themselves... what could possibly go wrong?!

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 5

The one thing Leigh didn't realise about Asia, is just how many Asian's there are there?! He travels in the footsteps of Uncle Kenny to find out more and the Speedo Cops are in a shooting range!

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 6

Leigh struggles to survive in the outback of Australia on the last leg of Uncle Kenny's footsteps. Plus the Speedo Cops have to do a refresher course in combat training!

Moon TV Series 4 Trailer

All the hits, bits and shits of the Moon TV Road trip, series 4!!!!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 1

The Moon TV road trip begins with the Wellington 7's and the boys unwittingly find themselves in the middle of the street parade! Plus Hamsterman has trouble with his fish tanks and someone's got their testicles out in the Dragons Den!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 2

Matt Watson is on the show in Outdoors, Outdoors, Outdoors! We get a Maori blessing from Parliament and Dr 90210 performs a Breast Enlargement.

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 3

The Moon TV road trip hits the Reefton A & P show, the Speedo Cops test some new uniforms and Leigh eats a pie in Bookzone!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 4

The boys steal a broadcast link off TV3 at the Taupo Grand Prix! The Speedo Cops make a major bust at the Supermarket and Hamsterman gets a visit from IRD.
Plus it's the final episode of Bukchoy!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep5

Speed Cooking in a Maui Campervan while driving through Arthurs Pass, that's never been done before! High action Surf TV show - Surfzone makes it's debut and final episode and Hamsterman installs a new alarm system, wow you don't want to miss that!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 6

All Black legend Ritchie McCaw is in the hot seat on Sports Chat! Plus much, much more but I can't be bothered writing it....

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 7

The great Moon TV Road Trip hits Queenstown with mixed results! It's everybody's favourite soap opera Ice Doctors and Hamsterman has issues with his fish tanks...

Moon Tv - Series 4 - Ep 8

Matai competes in the Coast to Coast, can he make it past the start line?! Ritt Parker taps his eye patch in Ice Doctors and Chief Inspector Reeves has one too many at the Speedo Cops Xmas BBQ!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 9

Moon TV broadcasts live from the Blenheim Food & Wine festival, it's the final of Ice Doctors and Joe Bennet has to sit through Leigh's poetry in Booktime...Bookzone!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 10

It's all the best of bits of the whole series 4.

MTN Network Trailer

MTN, your home of Moon Television!

MTN Episode 1

Moon Television Network, the greatest TV channel of all time! It's got Reality TV, Soap operas, Cop shows, Book shows, Breakfast shows and much much more!!

MTN ep2

This ones a biggie! Leigh and Matai take on the gruelling Multi Sport event the Coast to Coast but are doing it their own way! Plus Bookzone, Speedo Cops and all the other usual shit!


Gary Swede is back to do a few Cashies! The Late Night Big Breakfast is back with a Psychologist! The Speedo Cops are stuck in a refrigerator! Hamsterman crushes a dog with a bag of pallets!!


In this Moon TV special we've got Sniffing Murder, a doco show on 2 physics trying to solve a murder, plus all the other usual quality stuff!!!


John Key is a special guest on Big Breakfast and the Speedo Cops are on Seafood patrol again but I'm not sure making the public skull bourbon till they puke is the right way to police seafood rights! Oh and don't forget Naan Doctors!


With hot chicks on exercise equipment what more can I tell you about this episode!? Oh the Speedo Cops have a little run in with domestic violence that goes bad.


The Speedo Cops have a DWA (Driving While Asian) situation! Gary Swede is back and Ritt Parker has an evil plan to blow up the Naan Doctors!


We take a journey through 30years of NZ music in Music Nation, but unfortunately Leigh f**ks it up in the first 30sec!


Join the Speight's girls as deliver beer door to door and Hamsterman goes into the recording studio to record a number 1 hit song!!!

MTN Ep10

This is the MTN Christmas special with everybody's favourite clips from the series! It's a one stop shop for laughs!

Moon TV USA Trailer

Moon TV in the USA! Speedo Cops, Hamsterman, Big Breakfast and much much more!

Moon TV USA Ep1

The Moon TV team have based themselves in New York for this series, don't ask why, I think Leigh came up with the idea after downing a bottle or red wine?!
Watch to see the challenges the team face to produce a TV show out of a half assed flat in Brooklyn!

Moon TV USA ep2

Matai gets a Vasectomy live on the Late Night Big Breakfast, but it's not necessarily good telly according to the American Producer!
The team all employ their own female P.A's and Colin the Hamsterman has trouble with his forklift!

Moon TV USA ep3

Big Breakfast has got Johnny Northern Star who wrote the jingle for Pepsi! Plus Bookzone, Hamsterman sells some fish, and Lieutenant Chikowski walks in on an awkward situation with Chief Inspector Reeves!

Moon TV USA ep4

We've got Freddie the clown in the studio who pulls some little boys undies out of his hat!! Maybe the best Speed Cooking ever and the Speedo Cops go undercover!

Moon TV USA ep5

The Naan Doctors have taken over a gym that focuses on Bumba classes!! The smoked fish case carry's on in Speedo Cops and Joe Bennett is on the couch in Booktime... sorry Bookzone!

Moon TV USA ep6

Tonight on the show we've got Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, Bono, Ivanka Trump, that dude from the Big Lebowski, Kanye West, John McEnroe, Leigh Hart, Matai Johnson and Jason Hoyte!!! Plus Chief Inspector Reeves has a little too much to drink at the Fridee night wind downs!

Moon TV USA ep7

The Moon TV team continue to struggle to make a TV show in New York, Chief Inspevtor Reeves gets busted having sex with a female under arrest and Big Breakfast has got Astronemer and Scientist John Pazmino in the Trump studio!!

Moon TV USA ep8

Hamsterman actually gets some customers, but can he turn that into a sale? The Speedo Cops hit the streets of New York and Leigh reads some poetry in Booktime.....

Moon TV USA Ep9

Well the American Producer has had enough of the lads having a wrap party after every episode so he axes the show!!!!

Moon TV USA Ep10

You asked for it, we gave it to you! It's the best of the Moon USA series all packaged into a nice little bubble!!! You're welcome...