Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 9

Moon TV - Series 4

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Moon TV broadcasts live from the Blenheim Food & Wine festival, it's the final of Ice Doctors and Joe Bennet has to sit through Leigh's poetry in Booktime...Bookzone!

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Moon TV Series 4 Trailer

All the hits, bits and shits of the Moon TV Road trip, series 4!!!!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 1

The Moon TV road trip begins with the Wellington 7's and the boys unwittingly find themselves in the middle of the street parade! Plus Hamsterman has trouble with his fish tanks and someone's got their testicles out in the Dragons Den!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 2

Matt Watson is on the show in Outdoors, Outdoors, Outdoors! We get a Maori blessing from Parliament and Dr 90210 performs a Breast Enlargement.

Moon TV - Series 3 - Ep 3

The Moon TV road trip hits the Reefton A & P show, the Speedo Cops test some new uniforms and Leigh eats a pie in Bookzone!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 4

The boys steal a broadcast link off TV3 at the Taupo Grand Prix! The Speedo Cops make a major bust at the Supermarket and Hamsterman gets a visit from IRD.

Plus it's the final episode of Bukchoy!

Moon TvV - Series 4 - Ep5

Speed Cooking in a Maui Campervan while driving through Arthurs Pass, that's never been done before! High action Surf TV show - Surfzone makes it's debut and final episode and Hamsterman installs a new alarm system, wow you don't want to miss that!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 6

All Black legend Ritchie McCaw is in the hot seat on Sports Chat! Plus much, much more but I can't be bothered writing it....

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 7

The great Moon TV Road Trip hits Queenstown with mixed results! It's everybody's favourite soap opera Ice Doctors and Hamsterman has issues with his fish tanks...

Moon Tv - Series 4 - Ep 8

Matai competes in the Coast to Coast, can he make it past the start line?! Ritt Parker taps his eye patch in Ice Doctors and Chief Inspector Reeves has one too many at the Speedo Cops Xmas BBQ!

Moon TV - Series 4 - Ep 10

It's all the best of bits of the whole series 4.