Speedo Cops - First Appearance

Speedo Cops

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The first time Speedo Cops ever appeared on New Zealand TV!

Other Episodes:
Speedo Cop Computer problems

Constable Hernandez is in big trouble when Chief Inspector Reeves learns about his porn addiction!

Speedo Seafood Patrol

Constables Scott and Taylor are on Border Patrol, but not on the NZ coastline but in the Supermarkets!

Speedo Cop Academy

The new recruits are training at the Speedo Cop Academy, but also on a refresher course is Constables Scott and Taylor!

Speedo Cop Taser

But then drama! The boot to the patrol car is locked, so Constable Taylor has to improvise with a make-shift Taser!

Speedo Cop mic issues

It's a tough job being a Speedo Cop, let alone having to make a top rating reality TV show as well!

Cone Patrol

Marty Hernandez is on Cone Patrol and Constable Scott and Taylor are on their way to help! This won't end well.

Speedo Party

Chief Inspector Reeves is invited to a BBQ at Constable Taylors house, but maybe he shouldn't of had that 14th can of Speights!