Speedo Cops: Kiddy Locks

Speedo Cops

The Speedo Cops face a difficult obstacle on a routine persuit.

Other Episodes:
Speedo Cops - First Appearance

The first time Speedo Cops ever appeared on New Zealand TV!

Cone Patrol

Marty Hernandez is on Cone Patrol and Constable Scott and Taylor are on their way to help! This won't end well.

Speedo Party

Chief Inspector Reeves is invited to a BBQ at Constable Taylors house, but maybe he shouldn't of had that 14th can of Speights!

Speedo Cop Computer problems

Constable Hernandez is in big trouble when Chief Inspector Reeves learns about his porn addiction!

Speedo Seafood Patrol

Constables Scott and Taylor are on Border Patrol, but not on the NZ coastline but in the Supermarkets!

Speedo Cop Academy

The new recruits are training at the Speedo Cop Academy, but also on a refresher course is Constables Scott and Taylor!

Speedo Cop Taser

But then drama! The boot to the patrol car is locked, so Constable Taylor has to improvise with a make-shift Taser!

Speedo Cop mic issues

It's a tough job being a Speedo Cop, let alone having to make a top rating reality TV show as well!

Speedo Cops: CSI (Criminal Speedo Investigation)

Constable Scott and Taylor investigate an aleeged deceased man.

Speedo Cops: Drug Dog

After discovering a suspicious popwder Constable Scott and Taylor are forced to bring out the drug dog.

Speedo Cops: Viagra

Constable Scott and Taylor are forced to delay a hot persuit after indesting viagra.

Speedo Cops: The Blue Wedgie

Constable Scott and Taylor are in hot persuit of an offender when it all goes horribly wrong.

Speedo Cops: Video Piracy

The Speedo Cops investigate a local video pirate and Constable Scott and Taylor take a trip the morgue.

Speedo Cops: Family of the Deceased

Constable Scott and Taylor have to break some difficult news.

Speedo Cops: The Disabled Incident

The Speedo Cops crack down on parking lot offenders.

Speedo Cops: Call Centre

The Speedo Cops distract themselves on the phone while the newest recuit to the speedo force settles in.

Speedo Cops: The Interrogation

Constable Scott and Taylor take on an interrogation when things get unexpectedly hard.

Speedo Cops: Prime Minister Security

The Speedo Cops get called out for a highly sensitive security detail.

Speedo Cops: The Kebab Shop

Constable Scott and Taylor and Chief Inspector Reeves cracks down on W.I.P's (wees in pools).

Speedo Cops: Drunk Drivers

Constable Scott and Taylor crack down on drunk drivers.

Speedo Cops: Self Defence

Constable Scott takes the Speedo Cops for an intensive slef defence course.

Speedo Cops: The Sex Sells Calendar

The Speedo Cops create a sex sells calendar to raise awareness for the squad.

Speedo Cops: Drug Testing

The Speedo Cops are called out to run security at New Zealand's biggest festival.

Speedo Cops: The Gun Range

The SPeedo Cops take a trip to the Gun Range

Speedo Cops: Uptown Girl

The Speedo Cops sing the Billy Joel classic uptown Girl!

Speedo Cops: Involuntary Vehicle Exit

Constable Bell involuntarily exits the vehicle during a high speed persuit.

Speedo Cops: Dog Control

The Speedo Cops investigate an aggrevated animal.

Speedo Cops: Hub Nuts

The Speedo Cops investigate a "Hub Nut" theif.

Speedo Cops: Speedo Testing Durability

The Speedo Cops test the durabilty of the speedo cops speedo.

Speedo Cops: Woman Drivers

History is made when the female officers take the wheel but not all the Speedo Cops are happy about it.

Speedo Cops: Night Shift

Marty Hernandez is taken off the night shift.

Speedo Cops: Glacier Graffiti

The Speedo Cops crack down on glacier graffiti.

Speedo Cops: Traffic Policing

The Speedo Cops break down the high pressure nature of traffic policing.

Speedo Cops: Taser Testing

The speedo cops execute taser testing down at their local butcher.

Speedo Cops: Breath Testing

The Speedo Cops crack down on drunk and drug drivers!

Speedo Cops: Fishing Quoters

The Speedo Cops inforce fishing quoters down at an Auckland Harbour fishing hot spot!

Speedo Cops: Domestic Dispute

The Speedo Cops investigate a domestic dispute!

Speedo Cops: Choppers

The Speedo Cops try to boost ratings with more shots in the chopper!

Speedo Cops: The Car Crash

The Speedo Cops are called out to investigate a car crash!

Speedo Cops: Harbour Patrol

The Speedo Cops head out on the boat to patrol Auckland Harbour.

Speedo Cops: Toilet Stop

The Speedo Cops patrol gets interupted when nature calls.

Speedo Cops: Reality Bites

The Speedo lay complaints about the high pressure lifestyle that comes with reality TV stardom.